(KB 88) How to flash / update firmware on N8SE ?


  • Before you begin please ensure that you have backed up all the data of your device.
  • Your device will be formatted completely and restored to original factory settings.
  • We are not responsible for any loss of data.

Step 1:

Download a relevant copy of latest N8SE firmware file from downloads section (KB10010A) or click here

Step 2:

Shutdown your N8SE device completely.

Step 3:

Connect your MicroSD / TransFlash card to your PC.

Step 4:

Browse to the location in explorer where you have saved the N8SE firmware file.

Step 5:

Open the file with ZIP software.

Step 6:

Extract the N8SE firmware files to the “root / parent” directory of your MicroSD / TrasnFlash card as shown in screenshots.

Step 7:

Safe Remove the MicroSD / TransFlash card  and insert it into your N8SE device.

Step 8:

Connect your N8SE to a charger and Power it on.

Note: If your device has very less battery then it is advised that you first charge your device completely and then proceed with firmware update.

Step 9:

N8SE will now begin to Flash the device.

Step 10:

Eject the MicroSD / TrasnFlash card from the device when prompted to do so. N8SE will automatically reboot.

Note: First boot may take more time than expected.

Step 11:

Connect your MicroSD / TrasnFlash card to PC and remove the firmware update files from it.

Step 12:

Connect your MicroSD / TransFlash card back to your N8SE device.

Step 13 (Optional):

Download and apply special updates, if any for the device.

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