(KB 3582) How to Power On nHance AS20b 3D glasses? 

Step 1: Before you can use your nHance AS20b 3D glasses you will have to insert the battery. Click here to know how to insert the battery. Step 2: Once the battery is inserted properly, place the battery cover properly. Step 3: Press the power button and the LED light will blink blue.

(KB 3570) How to connect the nHance AS20b 3D glasses to the television? 

Note: If your 3D television uses IR (Infrared) 3D technology…then Bluetooth (RF) syncing technology will not work with your 3D television. Before you can use your nHance AS20b 3D glasses you will have to insert the supplied battery. If it doesn’t gets connected then unplug the television cable from the wall socket for 30 seconds until the […]

(KB 3547) How to insert CR2430/CR2032 Battery in nHance AS20b 3D glasses? 

Step 1: To insert the battery open the battery cover Step 2: Insert the battery keeping the front side down and place it properly on battery cover of the glasses Step 3: Push the battery cover down and check whether it is fixed properly to avoid any consequences.

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