(KB 4495) Magickey BC1 is automatically switched off after sometime 

The controller will automatically power off after 5 minutes if unpaired or will power off in 10 minutes if left unused in paired mode.

(KB 4493) Is the Magickey BC1 compatible with all bluetooth version? 

Your device should have Bluetooth  4.0 or you might experience difficulties in using the controller.

(KB 4489) Unable to connect the Magickey BC1 to device. It asks for password 

When the controller is not responding or it asks for passkey, ensure that the battery is fully charged and try again or reset the controller by inserting a pin in the reset button.

(KB 4487) Unable to pair the MagicKey BC1 in the device 

If you have previously paired the controller with another device and it is in range, you need to first disconnect the controller from that device and try again.

(KB 4485) MagicKey BC1 is not working after updating iOS 

Newer updates of iOS at time do not allow external controller functions, so this controller might have problems running on the new updates of iOS till they release further updates allowing use of external controllers.

(KB 4483) Is the MagicKey BC1 compatible with every smartphones? 

The answer to this is yes and no. Since there are many customized firmwares by manufactures, certain keys or modes might not work as desired for a few smartphones . In this case, you need to find the right combination which works for them.

(KB 4481) Unable to change the mode in MagicKey BC1 

If you are not able to change the mode, then unpair the controller from your device, reset the controller , then power off the controller and again pair it in the right mode (Android/iOS).

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