(KB 93) How to connect to Wireless network in N8 ? 

Step 1: Touch the App Drawer icon located on bottom right of screen as shown below Step 2: Browse your App Drawer and open “Settings” Step 3: In Setting open “Wireless & networks” Step 4: In Wireless & network settings touch on check box next to Wi-Fi to turn on your Wi-Fi Step 5: Wait […]

(KB 91) How to add an existing Google Account to N8 for EMAIL, SYNC, Market and other Google related services? 

Note: In order to use Google based services such as Google Talk, Google Drive, Android Market, Google Play you need to have a GMAIL account. Your device should be connected to Internet in order use Google based services which are dependent on it. Step 1: Touch the App Drawer icon located on bottom right of […]

(KB 90) N8 keeps flashing itself whenever it is powered on 

After successful flashing of ROM please ensure that you have removed the “FirmwareInstall” folder from your card.

(KB 89) How do I reset all data from N8 ? 

Please goto App Drawer –> Settings –> Privacy Settings –> Select “Factory Data Reset” Warning: You will erase all data on device. Please ensure that you have backed up all your data before proceeding.

(KB 65) Can external speakers be connected to N8? 

Yes a sound device with a 3.5mm stereo plugs should work with your device. Note: You may need to provide external power supply to your sound device.

(KB 64) Does the N8 has HDMI connection? 

No. N8 does not have any HDMI ports or connectivity available.

(KB 63) Is the N8 provided with rooted ROM ? 

No. The N8 is not rooted by default.

(KB 62) The touchscreen of N8 is not behaving properly 

Please go to App Drawer –> Settings –> Touchpanel calibration and follow on-screen instructions to re-calibrate your touchpanel. Note: Please make use of stylus at all times when operating on touchpanel in order to avoid touchscreen issues.

(KB 61) How do I connect N8 via USB to PC ? 

N8 does not support PC connectivity via USB. If you wish to perform data transfer between PC and device, then we suggest you use other mediums such as Wifi.

(KB 60) How do I check SD Card or U-disk or Internal storage details in N8 ? 

Please go to App Drawer –> Settings –> SD card, U-disk & device storage settings to check information and manage different type of storage connected to your device.

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