(KB 114) 3G dongle Mobile Network Operator Settings for N8SE 

    Sr. No. Service Provider Name Device Number APN User Password 1 BSNL 3G *99# bsnlnet blank blank 2 Reliance Smart GSM 3G *99# rcomnet OR SMARTNET blank blank 3 Airtel *99# airtelgprs.com blank blank 4 Aircel *99# aircelgprs blank blank 5 IDEA *99# internet blank blank 6 Videocon GSM *99# vinternet.com blank blank […]

(KB 112) How do I connect to Internet on N8SE using 3G dongle ? 

Note: Your 3G dongle should be compatible with N8SE before you can use it to connect to Internet. Even if your dongle is supported you may not be able to connect to internet if your service provider has locked it. You will need to enter Mobile Operator settings on “Add 3G network” screen. Please refer […]

(KB 111) Youtube player crashes with error "The application YouTube (process com.google.android.youtube) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." and "Force Close" button after flashing my N8SE 

Please download the relevant fix from here and install it on your device in order solve this issue.

(KB 110) Unable to play flash videos or flash content in browser 

Please download the fix from here and install it on your device in order solve this issue.

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