(KB 2134) Briefing about Anaglyph 3D Technology 

Introduction:- These are the simplest types of 3D glasses. The lenses have two different colours usually Red and Blue. But other colour combinations can be used such as Cyan and Magenta. The coloured lenses of the glasses filter each frame to its designated eye corresponding the colour differences in the 3D movie. Advantage:- ⇒These are available […]

(KB 2132) Can I watch 3D Images with Anaglyph 3D Glasses? 

Yes you can watch 3D Images with the nHance Anaglyph 3D glasses. The Anaglyphs require 3D glasses that tend to be less difficult and generally should produce less eye strain. You will need to have 3D glasses of some sort to view the images in 3D. The Red-Blue (Cyan-Magenta) or 3D glasses are recommended. Wear them in […]

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