(KB 4598) Slate S7 Hangs On Boot Screen 

Note: This step shows how to format your Tablet PC if it is stuck on the boot screen. If you follow this step, your data will be erased and the Tablet PC will be restored to factory default settings.   Power Off your tablet by pressing the tablet reset button Hold Volume – and Power […]

(KB 4585) How to enable VoLTE / HD Mode in Slate S7 

1. Go to Setting   2. Click More   3. Click Mobile Networks   4. Toggle switch to enable Enhanced 4G LTE Mode Now 4G VoLTE / HD Mode will be enabled

(KB 4324) How to Flash/firmware update Slate S5? 

Warning!!! Before you begin please ensure that you have backed up all the data of your device. Your device will be formatted completely and restored to original factory settings. We are not responsible for any loss of data. Do not stop flashing half way through or you will brick your device. Step 1: Download a […]

(KB 4285) Unable to install applications from extracted apk 

Note:- An APK file is a package file for every app that you can extract and then later on use on another device. Unlike Apple’s iOS, Android apps are not tied to any one phone. You can extract the APK file from any installed application on your device and then transfer it to any other […]

(KB 4270) My battery does not last long enough in S5 

Device battery will be consumed quickly in following cases: Too many applications running in background. Screen brightness level is too high. Wi-Fi / 3G devices are running continuously. Volume level is too high. Battery not calibrated properly. In order to calibrate the battery charge your device to 100% then discharge it completely. Repeat this cycle […]

(KB 4260) How to video call on Slate S5 

The DOMO Slate S5 is a 3G enabled tablet. You just need to activate your handset to configure your SIM for 3G calling settings. Once you save the configuration settings you can see 3G icon at the top most right section of your screen. Now, for 3G calling without any IM from you Slate S5, […]

(KB 4248) How to activate the USB Tethering on Slate S5? 

USB Tethering means sharing the Internet connection of your laptop/PC with your tablet /mobile devices. The Slate S5 is already equipped to provide this functionality. Simply connect the USB cable and follow the instructions below- Step 1 Click on the App drawer menu Step 2 Click on Settings Step 3 Scroll down and check if your […]

(KB 4197) How to share the internet connection to other devices from my Slate S5? 

This setup is called tethering or internet sharing. Tethering is when you turn your tablet into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your 3G/4G data connection which is activated on the tablet. Once you’ve turned tethering on, any device with a wireless connection can connect to the internet via your tablet’s internet connection. The steps below […]

(KB 4186) How to enable 3G on Slate S5? 

Note: You cannot activate 3G on Slate S5 that is programmed for 3G services, if you do not have the correct type of SIM card and/or 3G data plan activated by the network service provider. Step 1: Click on the App drawer menu Step 2: Click on settings Step 3: Click on More options Step […]

(KB 4161) How to connect Wireless Network on Slate S5? 

A Wi-Fi connection is typically faster than the mobile data connection. If you’ve already configured the Slate S5 to connect to an available wireless network, it will be connected automatically once the Wi-Fi is turned on. Otherwise, you have to connect to an available network as shown below:- Step 1: Click on the App drawer […]

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