(KB 3651) My phones volume/power buttons gets pressed by the phone holder/phone aligner when using VR2 headset 

The phone aligner and phone holder is built as such that it holds your phone safely. If your phones buttons are coming in the way and being pressed by the aligner then you can use the included foam cushions to be placed near the buttons in such a way that they are not pressed. You […]

(KB 3633) The video and images look blurry on my nHance VR2 headset, what do I do? 

The lenses are designed to be used with 20/20 vision. Please make sure you are wearing your glasses (frame should be sleek) or contact lenses. If it is still blurry, you can adjust the lenses by rotating them till the time a better image is visible. You can also gently wipe the lenses with a […]

(KB 3631) Will the nHance VR2 headset work if I have glasses? 

Our lenses are meant for users with 20/20 vision, so you will need to wear your glasses (frame should be sleek) or contact lenses for the best VR experience. We suggest contact lenses, because some of the frames of the glasses tend to protrude wider than the nHance VR2’s width.

(KB 3623) Will the nHance VR2 headset work on iOS? 

There are many VR applications available for iOS in the App Store which should work well. The 3D movie feature should work on the iOS as well if you install a 3D video application. The Google Cardboard applications will not work till the time Google Cardboard is released for iOS. Compatibility heavily depends on the […]

(KB 3621) What is the maximum Size of smartphone supported by the nHance VR2? 

The Maximum Device Length Supported is 154mm, the Maximum Device Width Supported is 82mm, and the Maximum Screen Size Supported is 5.7″

(KB 3613) My phone does not have Gyroscope. Can I still use the DOMO nHance VR2 Headset? 

Yes you can use the nHance VR2 headset even if your smartphone does not have Gyroscope, but you will not be able to use the head tracking feature – you can only use it to watch 3D videos.

(KB 3609) What is the minimum size of smartphone supported by the nHance VR2? 

The Minimum Device Length Supported is 110 mm, the Minimum Device Width Supported is 60 mm and Minimum Screen Size Supported is 3.5″  

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