(KB 4780) Amended Employment Agreement of Kenneth A. 

This Memorandum of Agreement shall be effective upon the date of the last party to sign this MOA below. The parties indicate agreement with this Memorandum of Agreement by their signatures below. This MOA may be terminated by mutual agreement of the parties, and shall automatically terminate upon completion of all responsibilities as stated herein, […]

(KB 4778) As per clause-2 of the agreement the assessee paid Rs. 

to make a victory/deal/agreement etc certain or complete We are trying to reach an agreement with all concerned (=everyone who is involved or affected). A 24-hour ceasefire allowed the two armies to reach an agreement. We reached an agreement with them to cooperate fully at all times. They have been unable to reach agreement about […]

(KB 4776) Check your tenancy agreement for the amount of notice you have to give. 

Clause 6 of the 2013 Specialists Agreement preserves employment entitlements set out in pre-existing local agreements to the extent they are relevant. Pre-existing local agreements include the Certified Agreements that applied in public hospitals prior to the implementation of the 2013 Specialists Agreement, and are listed below. Once drafting of the Proposed Agreements is complete, […]

(KB 4774) Oklahoma courts routinely enforce the terms of prenuptial agreements. 

The client authorizes Data Recovery Lab or its agents to conduct an evaluation of the media sent to determine the nature of the damage and provide an estimate of the data recovery cost and turnaround. The evaluation is free and no work beyond this evaluation will be charged without explicit client approval. For dependable, reliable […]

(KB 4772) See a list of ancillary agreements handled by OCGA. 

Your landlord or agent may contact you during the tenancy to check if you intend to stay on when the fixed term ends. Keeping good tenants is easier than finding new ones: here’s how to renew a tenancy. A six month tenancy is coming to an end. You are happy with your tenant and they […]

(KB 4770) It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss IRS Tax Sharing Agreements. 

The Trustees shall be entitled to receive reasonable compensation for their services hereunder. If a Trustee is a bank such compensation shall be determine in accordance with its schedule of compensation established from time to time by the Trustees Trust Department for the administration of trusts of a character similar to this trust. Such compensation […]

(KB 4768) All such Employees will be IRUs under this Agreement. 

This volunteer agreement can be used by an organization accepting volunteer work from individuals who are not contractors or employees. The collateral listed above is offered by the Debtor in order to secure the following from the Secured Party: Another classification of collateral agreements is the collateral loan agreement. These agreements are made amid banks […]

(KB 4766) You may terminate this Agreement at any time without written notice. 

Among the hundreds of standardization agreements (the total as of April 2007[update] was just short of 1,300) are those for calibres of small arms ammunition, map markings, communications procedures, and classification of bridges. A STANAG is a normative document that records an agreement among several or all NATO member states ratified at the authorized national […]

(KB 4764) While crane licence agreements can be cost effective, they are not free. 

Some recent projects, particularly U.S. projects, adopt a third party tolling arrangement. In this case, the tolling company is a for-profit business, and there is typically little if any common ownership throughout the value chain. The owners of the natural gas are truly hiring the tolling company to provide a very specific service and a […]

(KB 4762) There are three key issues looming large over the Paris Agreement viz. 

Aggregate reports (Annual Safety Reports, DSURs, PSURs/PBRERs, PADERs, etc.) should also be exchanged usually within a week or so of their completion or submission. Timing should be a function of the regulatory reporting requirements. The clauses and obligations that are required to be covered in the PVA depend on the type of business relation that […]

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