(KB 1948) How to Increase the Brightness on DOMO Slate X14? 

Note: Follow the instructions below to increase the brightness of your tablet. Step 1: Enter into settings, Step 2: Click on Display. Following the options on the right side of the screen, select ‘Brightness’. Step 3: Adjust the Brightness of the tablet accordingly and then press ‘ok’.

(KB 1943) How to copy/move applications from File Manager on tablet to SD card in DOMO Slate X14? 

Step 1: Click on App Drawer menu. Step 2: Click on File manager. Step 3: Click on Internal Storage and then click on ‘SD card’ Step 4: Long press the file which you want to copy to the SD card. Step 5: Choose the operation you want the file to perform Step 6: Click on […]

(KB 1879) How to share files through USB cable on your Laptop/Computer to your DOMO Slate X14 Tablet and Vice-Versa 

Step 1: Connect your tablet with laptop or Computer through USB cable. Step 2: Swipe down from the left hand side corner of the screen. Step 3: Click on USB connected. Step 4: Turn on USB storage. Step 5: On the other hand on your laptop you can see a new hardware is detected, click […]

(KB 1863) How to Enable Auto-rotate screen on DOMO Slate X14 Tablet? 

Step 1: Swipe Down from the right corner of the tablet screen. Step 2: Disable Rotation Lock Step 3: The Auto Rotate mode should be Enable.

(KB 1840) How to Change language on DOMO Slate X14 tablet? 

Step 1: Click on setting. Step 2: Click on language. Step 3: Click on Android keyboard (AOSP) Step 4: Click on input language Step 5: Enable English (US) on system language.

(KB 1813) How to pattern lock your DOMO Slate X14 tablet? 

Step 1: Click on setting. Step 2: Swipe up to see more option. Step 3: Click on Security and click on Screen lock. Step 4: Choose the type of lock you wish to. Step 5: Draw a pattern & click on continue. Step 6: Draw a pattern again for confirmation. Step 7: Go back & […]

(KB 131) How to flash / update firmware on X14 ? 

Warning!!! Before you begin please ensure that you have backed up all the data of your device. Your device will be formatted completely and restored to original factory settings. We are not responsible for any loss of data. Do not stop flashing half way through or you will brick your device. Step 1: You will […]

(KB 130) X14 Firmware Update 

X14 Flashing Utility: X14 Live Suite X14 Firmware: X14_Android_4.0 Release Date: 20-04-2013

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