(KB 4578) How to update the viewer profile on google cardboard for the DOMO nHance VRF1? 

When you start google cardboard for the first time, it will ask you for a QR Code. Please scan the QR Code at the end of this article to set the Viewer Profile for nHance VRF1. If you have previously setup a Viewer on Google cardboard you will have to follow these steps. Start your […]

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DOMO nTice – Mobile Phones which let you DO MOre!


Slate™DOMO nTice phones comprises a range of stylish smartphones designed for work and pleasure. Now you can enjoy your video, music or game and simultaniously check emails, swish through powerpoint presentations and work your way through Excel. Backed with powerful processors to complete your tasks and housed in a beautiful design, the DOMO nTice mobile phone will entice onlookers!