(KB 4472) What is head tracking? 

Head tracking means that when you wear a VR headset, the picture in front of you shifts as you look up, down and side to side or angle your head.  

(KB 4468) My phone does not have Gyroscope. Can I still use the DOMO nHance VR1 Headset? 

Yes, you can use the DOMO nHance VR1 headset even if your smartphone does not have Gyroscope, but you will not be able to use the head tracking feature – you can only use it to watch 3D videos.

(KB 4466) Is the DOMO nHance VR1 compatible with Google Cardboard applications? 

The DOMO nHance VR1 is inspired by Google Cardboard and works with all the Cardboard Apps.

(KB 4464) Need an QR code for DOMO nHance VR1 

The DOMO nHance VR1 comes with movable an adjustable lenses and hence it does not require a QR code.

(KB 4462) I’m having trouble playing the video. What should I do? 

Video will look proper only in SBS mode. Please download SBS player from Google Play Store for viewing 2D,3D or HD videos which you have in your device.

(KB 4459) Will I be able to use my headphones in DOMO nHance VR1? 

Yes, you will be able to use your headphones in DOMO nHance VR1.

(KB 4455) Can I keep my smartphone case while using my phone on the DOMO nHance VR1? 

Yes, you can keep your smartphone case with your phone while using on DOMO nHance VR1.

(KB 4453) The video and images look blurry on my nHance VR1 headset, what do I do? 

The lenses are designed to be used with 20/20 vision. Please make sure you are wearing your glasses (frame should be sleek) or contact lenses. If it is still blurry, you can adjust the lenses by rotating them till the time a better image is visible. You can also gently wipe the lenses with a […]

(KB 4451) What is the minimum size of smartphone supported by the nHance VR1? 

The Minimum Device Length Supported is 115 mm, the Minimum Device Width Supported is 60 mm and Minimum Screen Size Supported is 4″.

(KB 4440) What is the maximum Size of smartphone supported by the nHance VR1 

The Maximum Device Length Supported is 163 mm, the Maximum Device Width Supported is 82 mm, and the Maximum Screen Size Supported is 6″

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