(KB 106) How to add an existing Google Account to N8SE for EMAIL, SYNC, Market and other Google related services?


  • In order to use Google based services such as Google Talk, Google Drive, Android Market, Google Play you need to have a GMAIL account.
  • Your device should be connected to Internet in order use Google based services which are dependent on it.

In order to add a GMAIL account to your device please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:

Touch the App Drawer icon located on bottom right of screen as shown below

Step 2:

Browse your App Drawer and open “Settings”

Step 3:

Browse your Settings and open “Accounts & Sync”

Step 4:

In Accounts & Sync settings touch on “Add account”

Step 5:

To add a Google account such as GMAIL, touch “Google”

Step 6:

In “Add a Google Account” screen touch “Next”

Step 7:

To sign into an existing Google Account just touch on “Sign in”

Step 8:

Click on Username textbox to enter your username.

As soon as you touch the text box the Android Keyboard will launch.

Please use the Android keyboard to type in your Username.

Follow same procedure for entering Password and select “Done” on android keyboard to finish typing.

Step 9:

Touch “Sign in” to finish adding your account.

Step 10:

Once you have finished adding GMAIL account to your device, you can access all Google based services such as GTALK.

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