(KB 145) My battery does not last long enough in X3D


Device battery will be consumed quickly in following cases:

  • Too many applications running in background.
  • Screen brigtness level is too high.
  • WiFi / 3G devices are running continuously.
  • Volume level is too high.
  • Uncalibrated battery. In order to calibrate the battery charge your device to 100% then discharge it completely. Repeat this cycle atleast 3-4 times in order to get the battery calibrated properly.

Optionally you can perform the following steps to check battery usage and stop background applications.

Step 1:

Touch the App Drawer icon located at the top right of your screen.

Step 2:

Touch Settings from App Drawer Menu.

Step 3:

In Settings, select “Battery” from DEVICE sub-menu.

Step 4:

In Battery, you can check your charging history as well as battery consumption details.

Step 5:

Now, in settings, select “Apps” from DEVICE sub-menu.

Step 6:

Select “RUNNING” after selecting APPS.

Step 7:

Select the process that you wish to stop.

Step 8:

Select “STOP” in order to stop the selected application.

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