(KB 102) Does the N8SE has HDMI connection? 

No. N8SE does not have any HDMI ports or connectivity available.

(KB 101) Is the N8SE provided with rooted ROM ? 

No. The N8SE is not rooted by default.

(KB 100) N8SE touchscreen is not behaving properly 

Please goto App Drawer –> Settings –> Touchpanel calibration and follow on-screen instructions to re-calibrate your touchpanel. Note: Please make use of stylus at all times when operating on touchpanel in order to avoid touchscreen issues.

(KB 99) How do I connect N8SE via USB to PC ? 

N8SE does not support PC connectivity via USB. If you wish to perform data transfer between PC and device, then we suggest you use other mediums such as Wifi.

(KB 98) How do I check SD Card or U-disk or Internal storage details in N8SE ? 

Please goto App Drawer –> Settings –> SD card, U-disk & device storage settings to check information and manage different type of storage connected to your device.

(KB 97) How do I change Language & keyboard settings of N8SE ? 

Please goto App Drawer –> Settings –> Language & keyboard settings –> Select Language and select your preferred language from the provided list in order to change your language. Once you have changed your language you can change your keyboard settings from keyboard settings option located below “Select Language”.

(KB 96) How do I set Date & Time in N8SE ? 

Please goto App Drawer –> Settings –> Date & time settings to set Date & Time. Note: If Automatic is checked then you wont be able to set Date & Time since they are provided by network in case of automatic.

(KB 95) How do I find Android Version and Kernel Version of N8SE ? 

Please goto App Drawer –> Settings –> About device to find the Android Version and Kernel Version of your device

(KB 94) My N8SE LCD has a dead pixel 

At DOMO, we try to qualify under the ISO 13406-2 guidelines. Pixel Fault Classes The standard lists four classes of devices, where a device of a specified class may contain a certain maximum number of defective pixels. Three distinct types of defective pixels are described: type 1 = a hot pixel (always on, being colour […]

(KB 88) How to flash / update firmware on N8SE ? 

Warning!!! Before you begin please ensure that you have backed up all the data of your device. Your device will be formatted completely and restored to original factory settings. We are not responsible for any loss of data. Step 1: Download a relevant copy of latest N8SE firmware file from downloads section (KB10010A) or click […]

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