(KB 3585) Briefing about Polarized 3D Technology


These are the much more familiar and most commonly used 3D glasses in cinema today. A polarized 3D technology uses polarization glasses to create the illusion of three-dimensional images by restricting the light that reaches each eye.


⇒These glasses provide a very good 3D effect. These are much cheaper, lightweight and comfortable than the Active 3D glasses. They produce full-colour image that is more comfortable to watch. These glasses do not require a transmitter to synchronize them with the display.

How it works?

A 3D content have two sets of videos or frames, one for each eye. In order to see the 3D effect we need to make sure that each eye sees’ only the video or image that is intended for. All the Polarized 3D glasses are equipped with special lenses that make sure this will happen. They filter the left frame to the left eye and the right frame to the right eye using light polarization or direction. To use these glasses a compatible 3D display or projector is required which polarizes the light differently for each eye.

Types of Polarized 3D Glasses:-

1  Linear: These glasses can be used for general purpose like projections, multimedia displays, media and movies. It is the best to use over a silver screen where the polarization is preserved. These glasses will work if viewers do not tilt their head while viewing as tilting will cause the images to bleed over the opposite channel. It also benefits in viewing the stereoscopic images at the same time.

2  Circular: These glasses commonly have RealID technology lenses and are widely used at cinemas. The circular type of polarization allows you to tilt your head than the linear system without losing the 3D effect. That is why it is used more often in cinemas and with some 3D televisions. These types of glasses contain a pair of analyzing filters. The left circular polarized light is extinguished by the right handed analyzer and vice-versa. The result is similar to that of stereoscopic viewing using linearly polarized glasses, except the viewer can tilt his/her head and still maintain left and right eye separation.

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